To process items, we use the milling plotters equipped with 12kV spindles, which enable quick and precise processing of various types of materials.

The working area of the milling plotters is 1000mm x 1500mm and 2000mm x 3000mm, thanks to which we are able to process materials of various formats and complex 2D shapes.

Professional selection of tools as well as the maximum involvement in the preparation of the project guarantee its implementation in accordance with the individual expectations of the client.

We attach great importance to the finishing of the elements we cut, which is why we mill the edges taking care of every detail in order to meet the client's expectations and to be consistent with the documentation


Wooden Panels

The product we would like to offer are the 2D wooden panels made of plywood.

Wooden decorative items introduce warmth and naturalness to interiors and therefore they perfectly match modern interior design.

The panel is produced upon request to meet a customer's individual needs.

Elkon insulating fittings

Pressboard insulating fittings

Cutting transformer sheets

Laba-Trafo is a family business, where an individual approach to each customer and each project is our priority.